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What’s the Issue with Coffee Capsules?

Single-serving coffee pods are no-mess easy and affordable, providing cafe-quality coffee at the simple touch of a button. However, behind the classy facade of George Clooney commercials is a seriously dark and unsustainable reality. That is, coffee pods are piling up in Australian landfills each day. Why is this so? The main issue lies in... Continue Reading →

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Australia is killing the environment

You read that right. Australia is killing the environment--and more particularly, contributing a whole heap to climate change. But do you know what's even worse? Our government is ignoring a recent report that is giving us a final warning on how we can save the earth. IPCC releases new Climate Change report The Intergovernmental Panel... Continue Reading →

Like cigarettes, should the coffee industry implement environmental warnings on their packages?

Recently, our team read Benedict Brook's article, which encouraged the implementation of cigarette-style environmental warnings on takeaway coffee cups. Not only do we believe this is a clever idea, but we'd also like to bring this to the attention of the entire coffee industry. Why cigarette-style warnings work   The use of provocative images and language guilt-trips the... Continue Reading →

The cuppa in Australia

There's no doubt us Aussies love our coffee. Have a look around you... you will most likely see a cafe or two within your vicinity. In the Sydney CBD, there are multiple streets lined up with cafes of all sizes. The diversity of the coffee in Australia is what makes it so great--and why our... Continue Reading →

Sydney’s best rainy day cafes

With Sydney’s cold, wet weather having set in for the next week, thoughts turn to what activities you can do to make the most of these rainy days. We've chosen some of Sydney's best cafes for all you coffee lovers looking to get out and about this gloomy weekend. So shake off your umbrella's, take... Continue Reading →

Banning coffee capsules? It has already begun…

We have already well-established that coffee capsules do nothing but damage and pollute the environment. It being single-use will not help in the cause to curb worldwide pollution. Biodegradable coffee capsules is one step forward. Using reusable coffee capsules also helps minimise environmental impact. But what could be the best way to completely stop it?... Continue Reading →

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