8 Crafty Ways to Recycle Coffee Capsules

By the time you have stumbled upon this post, you’re probably aware that popular coffee capsule brands, like Nespresso and Keurig, are highly unfeasible to recyclable. They’re wasteful and unsustainable – disguised through the convenience and pleasure of a coffee.

Whilst we recommend you make the permanent switch to these biodegradable and recyclable brands, here are 8 DIY ideas to upcycle your remaining supply of coffee capsules. Best thing of all, some of these are seriously useful, original and EASY!

 1) Propagate Plants

Credit: Dramaqueenatwork

Why not try your hand at family gardening with these kid-friendly pots? Simply use cuttings from existing plants, such as succulents, to grow some tiny clones.

2) Fairy Lights

Credit: Livera-mag

Instead of some dodgy, China-made fairy lights for Christmas, how about making your own?

3) Tapestry

Curtain made of Nespresso coffee capsules... Great idea & since my machine should arrive tomorrow I need to assuage my
Credit: Recyclart

If you’re looking to spruce up a plain space, coffee pods can make a vibrant and stylish addition.

4) Fridge Magnets

Animal fridge magnets made with recycled Nespresso capsules
Credit: Pinterest (user unknown)

How adorable are these? Use coffee capsules as a base for funky fridge magnets.

5) Jewellery

Nespresso Caps Necklace
Credit: Recyclart

From earrings to necklaces to bracelets to hairpins, check out Recyclart’s guides on jewellery designs that are 100% worthy of being sold at your local fair.

6) Key Chains

http://www.cadecga.com/category/Nespresso/ Nespresso Key Chains :) Reusing Nespresso capsules | ecogreenlove
Credit: Ecogreenlove

Easily detectable, minimalistic and no sharp corners, coffee capsules make superb key chains.

7) Flowers/Bouquets

The finished piece! A bouquet of Australian wild flowers made entirely from recycled Nespresso coffee pods.
Credit: Pinterest

Can you believe this entire bouquet is made from coffee pods? Seek Suzy03300‘s easy-to-follow tutorial on how to mould trash into art.

8) Wall art
If you have many pods to recycle, be inspired by the coffee god himself…

Credit: Artist Guillaume Caron

If you happen to try out these craft ideas or some of your own, be sure to post an image to our Facebook so we can check our your brew-tiful creations!

Remember, a daily coffee capsule, whilst convenient to us, is really part of a bigger, detrimental problem for the environment. Help the planet and #CaptheCapsule today.



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